Biodiversity is an important component in the sustainability of the earth and everything in it, including human existence. A variety of uses of biodiversity services since humans exist, ranging from as a source of food, medicine, energy and clothing, to the service provider of clean air and water, protection from nature disasters, and climate regulation. Biodiversity is also used by the community generally for the development of social, cultural and economic.

Sumatran rain forest ecosystem is one of the most forest ecosystems diverse in the world and also the most threatened. These forests have high level of biodiversity (in species level) as compared to other regions in Indonesia. Sumatra has the most mammals (257 species) of any Indonesian island. Sumatra’s bird list numbers 630 species, making it the second richest biogeographic region for birds in Indonesia after Papua. Of 315 Sumatran reptile and amphibian species, 23% are endemic. Sumatra’s freshwater systems hold 270 species, of which 15% are endemic. Most of Sumatra’s endemic plant species are found in lowland forests below 500 meters, though only about 15% of the total may have been recorded to date. The unique geology of Sumatra, resulting in high endemicity of flora, fauna or microbes. Sumatra and adjacent islands has endemicity fauna species very high, even for some groups such as birds, mammals and reptiles have the highest endemicity in the world.

Based on the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan / NBSAP, institutions at the sub-national (provincial) should determine the status of biodiversity on its territory and establish biodiversity targets and indicators as a guide to measure progress in achieving Aichi Target of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). To achieve these targets, the strategy of management of biodiversity in the area must be clear, coordinated and have the same approach. These documents need to be translated in the local context at the sub-regional or regional. Lesson learns from any places at any level of biodiversity, could be useful for the improvement of our understanding to the management of biodiversity.

Biodiversity Strategic and Action Plan: From Global to Local

1. Genetic diversity
2. Diversity of species
3. Diversity of ecosystems
4. Ethnobiology & Socioeconomics
5. Life Science and Technology


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